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Referral Policy

Self Managed Retirement Systems help many friends and work colleagues of existing clients with their personal financial advice needs. What better way for someone to find their adviser than via a referral from a trusted friend.

We truly appreciate your referrals to Family and Friends as it helps our practice grow and ensures the ones you care about receive quality advice.

Many clients don’t know how we can help others that they know, so we have taken the time to put it in writing.

What areas can we help in?

  • Understanding superannuation and how this can be used as a tax effective retirement savings vehicle
  • Ensure that people have enough personal insurance in place to protect their family and assets in the event that they were ill, injured or were to die.
  • Estate planning considerations
  • Ensure that people have enough to retire on and that they receive the benefits that they may be entitled to

Common financial issues a friend or family member may need help with

  • May be looking to ‘wind down’ from the workforce
  • May be undergoing family changes; marriage, divorce, birth, death
  • Are returning to Australian after working overseas for a period of time
  • Recently received a lump-sum payment

How can we help others take control of their financial future?

  • To help develop a strategy which places them in control
  • To work professionally and without pressure, letting them make the decisions in their own time
  • To liaise with their accountant, solicitor and/or Centrelink on their behalf
  • To recommend only companies and products that have been thoroughly researched and are appropriate to their investment strategy and needs
  • To provide continuing service
  • To keep them on track with regular reviews

– Thank You For Recommending Us –

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